It’s the Culture People…

Same old story…can’t mention it enough … we’ve kicked God out of the schools… school might not be ideal or appropriate place for deep teaching…. on God… at least present both sides of the story… Evolution and Creationism… in the spirit of Liberty kids should be able to look at the evidence like a lawyer and decide for themselves… the culture must change… that means Hearts must change… look at what’s being promoted in our culture… violence and killing in video games… violence and killing in the movies… 60 million aborted since 1973…. Spirit of lawlessness everywhere… no Ten Commandments in the schools… so what is your result… key feature has to be respect for life all life.. some will say it’s the parents responsibilities the churches responsibilities… All true… what are kids spend the best part of the day in school what they’re exposed to has a profound effect on how they act out… gun control is very small part of the issue the bigger issue is our culture and what ends up in our hearts and in our kids hearts…

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