Left Or Right?… Dividing The Word Of Truth…


The Bible can be interpreted as saying that salvation.. security.. sanctification.. and all the rest of God’s blessings must be…EARNED… through performance… but it can also be interpreted that these are BESTOWED upon the believer..solely by grace through faith in the finished work of Christ

Discerning the correct interpretation is critical to consistent victory over your version of the flesh..

In this study… we would be hard-pressed to resolve the theological issues…that the world’s greatest intellect’s have struggled to understand…

We shouldn’t claim to have the market cornered on truth…but we should have an opinion.. after seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit… and using our discernment skills…

Whatever truth we have is purely by the grace of God..” rightly dividing the word of Truth”… on all attainable growth plateaus for the New Creation in Christ is critical to consistent victory

This study interprets the Bible as teaching..that no human being has to spiritual natures.. lost folks have one… saved folks have one.. I believe the Bible teaches that all people are spiritual creatures in a temporary body… not physical creatures who have spirits..

There’s a big difference.. in those two views… our Eternal identity is spiritual not physical… I believe this is true for both the saved and the Lost…” Therefore we recognize no man according to the flesh.. (2 Corinthians 5:16)..

Continuing… second post coming…

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