The Mystery Ground


When judgment comes to such a nation, once committed to God and once consecrated to his purposes, but now departed from his ways, the judgment will return to its-“GROUNDS OF CONSECRATION”… to put it more concisely:

The Nations ground of consecration- will become the ground of its judgment”


The Temple mount represented the nation’s Covenant with God. So its destruction was the ultimate sign that the Covenant was broken. Yet even in that there was Mercy. It was a sign that God was calling the nation back, to remember the ground of its dedication, and consecration to him… the foundation on which all of its blessings rested”

On the day after 9/11 the Senate Majority Leader recited the words of the ancient prophecy at the end of his speech, but at the beginning of that speech he cited a number He said: “ It is with pain, sorrow, anger, and resolve that I stand before this Senate, a symbol for 212 years of the strength of our democracy”.

Notice the number-212…

It was given to connect 9/11 to the founding of the American government, the establishment of the American Nation-state – DO THE MATH…


” But I thought America was founded in 1776″?

“The year 1776, was the year America declared its Independence. It would be several years before that Independence became a reality, and several more years, before there was a constitution upon which the nation would be established”.

America, as we know it- with a President, a Senate,and a House of Representatives– only came into existence in 1789. More specifically, it came into existence on April 30th 1789, the day when for the first time, all these were in place– America’s first day as a fully constituted Nation.

What happened on April 30th?

“It was the day that the nation’s government was completed, as set forth in the Constitution, the day America’s first President was inaugurated.”

George Washington”

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