I often sit beholding, a canopy of stars in the sky, they twinkle but not quite as lovely, as one look in your eyes.

I Wonder at your hands, see them perfectly formed, I’m dreaming of your mother’s, so Japanese calm and warm…

You’re now just ten months old, almost ready to walk, your ears tune on Mom and Dad’s words, one day our mouths will talk…

I will teach you clearly just how, you must not stare at the Sun, but full moons will fill you with mystery, you will dance underneath them and have some fun….

Take this life always learning, deep thoughts of your creator, as you’re Crossing over land and sea, God’s the great Navigator…

Remember me now and always, one day as you view my resting, I’m waiting peaceful in yonder heaven, and with nothing is Daddy wrestling….

When you came as a tender baby, I was happy and happy forever, I prayed for you to come for some 20 years, God finally released the lever….

My son will be 10 soon….

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