“Life Is Everywhere Calling”…

I woke up again this morning, found my heart was still beating, took a deep breath, my Revelation mind began receiving…

Stepped out on the back deck, high mountain Woods on the Appalachian Trail, my peripheral vision caught a blue jays tail…

Went back in, The Coffee started, brushed my teeth and then a cup or two… back outside as spring was in the air… this Freedom we have, as the world goes, so rare...

Innocent children dying in the Syrian chemical mist– Assad fled to Iran…Speaker Ryan just quit–The Orange Tornado will deal with it… because nobody else has the balls.

I find my therapy in feeding squirrels and birds… they have ears, and have instinct to know…the storm is coming….

Life is everywhere calling… don’t burn the whole thing down… but if you do, we’ll adjust… and find a way for your eye to see….Us….

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