Something to think about…

The line has been drawn in the sand, the message sent.

We have before us, a comparison in Good vs Evil.

Assad–Putin… whoever the Bad actors really are, used chemical means, and whatever, to kill innocent people and children, then send their representatives to the United Nations to condemn US (for defending ourselves essentially) can’t let it go on– calling the US, THE AGGRESSORS…THIS IS OBVIOUSLY EVIL.

Then you have the USA, sending a precision strike… could have taken the whole place out, but then that’s the difference isn’t it, President Trump and his decision makers having respect for life, not really wanting to kill anyone.

The bigger issue is really Israel…”As goes Israel Goes the World”… we are standing with God’s chosen people… though we have lots of issues God is pleased with us.

Watch the story unfold… we are only in the first birth pangs.

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