Zechariah, is just another way of saying his real Hebrew name: ZicharYAH, THE YAH MEANS GOD, AND THE ZICHAR MEANS HAS REMEMBERED.”GOD HAS REMEMBERED.”

SO, in the days of Israel’s judgment and exile, when they thought God was finished with them, that God had forgotten them, a baby was born and given the name, ‘GOD HAS REMEMBERED’.

THIS baby would grow up to be the prophet God sent to them in the days of their discouragement.

So it was not only WHAT God said to them, but WHAT he was”

Every word of encouragement came from that, ‘ God has remembered.’

He was the sign in the flesh and blood that even in their greatest fall and their darkest sins, even when they should have been cast Away and forgotten forever, God had not forgotten them.

He remembered His promise, His love, and His mercies.

And so He would not give up on them and they would be restored.” For all who have fallen, for all who have failed, all who have sinned, all who have lost, and all who have wandered, and asked, ‘Has God forgotten me?’, remember this one, and his name is, Zacharyah.

What this tells us, is that God will never forget us, and His faithfulness to us, He will always be greater than our Sins.

Remember the times when you have fallen– and God didn’t give up on you.

Comments: Oh to know the depth, the long-suffering, and tender mercies of our wonderful Father. Sometimes in this crazy world it’s easy to ask why doesn’t God do something?… do something about all of the horrible death and destruction and deception… well in my opinion He already has, he did it on the cross over 2000 years ago, He was way ahead of us.

To understand the depth of His love, is a gift from God, “The truth will set you free.”

The most important thing that the United States can do is stay aligned and in support of Israel.

Study with Jonathan Cahn by permission and encouragement.

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