Seeking TRUTH

Living in this world, it doesn’t take too long to realize, that the truth is a hard thing to ‘get to.’

Throughout the ages, philosophers have been seeking and asking questions, trying to Define “TRUTH.”

Remember when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, ” What is truth”? Then he went and told the multitudes, that he found no reason for a charge against the Messiah. Pontius really didn’t give an answer. By not giving an answer, seems he silenced the truth.

Have we learned that truth can be Deeper Than Words? Pontius Pilate had the TRUTH standing right in front of him but he did not know it.

I believe that religions and philosophies often speak ABOUT truth, but this can blind you from actually seeing the truth.

God says that He is the truth. So to know truth we must know Him.

Seems we are searching for what is obvious, but we are too busy with how WE FEEL, what WE THINK.

God proclaims, ” my people perish for lack of knowledge.”

One of my favorite scriptures: “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Set free because your trusting God. Trusting God, the creator of the universe and sustainer of life.

Challenge: Show me another God that can predict history, 100% accurately, Ex: THE MESSIANIC PROPHICIES.

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