Look Mommy, They’re testing ICBM missiles again, look how fast they climb through the sky.

‘Does it have a nuclear warhead Mommy, where’s it going, where will it land, is it dangerous’?

So ya’… thought ya’ …might just leave the borders open, let anyone come and go, you know borders bring some bad people and they smuggle what they call “Gold.” Americans and others smoke this Gold, it puts a lot of them in their coffins, Mommy, what does that all mean?

MOMMY, what is a progressive education? I thought George Washington was a good man? Remember when you told me you were saving for my college education, you said I might go to GW University, now some leftists want to change the name of the University, what’s wrong with the current name? Mommy, what’s a leftist?

Mommy, the other day, like every day, I prayed over my lunch and my teacher sent me to the principal’s office, they gave me a 3-day suspension, what did I do wrong? Mommy why are you crying?…. don’t look away.

Mommy, what’s a conservative? Mommy my friend told me her parents said, we don’t need the Constitution anymore, they told her it was outdated and didn’t apply anymore.

Mommy, remember when we used to sit around the dinner table and talk out our disagreements and then pray that, “ God’s will would be done in our lives?

Mommy, Is there really truth? I’m only in the 4th grade, life seems so complicated, I thought adults were smart, what kind of world will I have to live in, will I be able to live at all?

Honey, your dad just pulled up you know he voted for Hillary, I know you don’t really understand that, but you know how upset he gets with me, we’ll talk later, now go to bed.

Mommy, will I have a tomorrow?

What shall we do to fill the empty spaces, where we used to talk?…. (Pink Floyd).

Mommy, what does the saying: we’ve gone overboard mean?

Mommy, why do adults say one thing and do another?

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