Shrinking it down

God is God, He has always existed, Moses asked, ” who shall I say has sent me”? God replied, “I am” sends you.

God created the world… set a standard, do this don’t do that… we broke the rules, Satan led a rebellion, (Revelation 12), because he was not happy being the number two man. One third of the Stars (people) followed Satan.This happened in the last Earth age in time, prior to 4003.

4003 is the official date when this Earth age’s history began to be recorded. This age from 4003 up until now is the second Earth age, (2nd Peter:3), the whole chapter. All three Earth ages are mentioned.

It’s really simple, God has put people in the second Earth age to decide who they are going to follow, either Christ or Satan. He’s making a family, either we believe God or we believe Satan, God gives us free will, and honors each person’s decision.

People are either for God or they are against him, it’s easy to distinguish who is who.

The current social/ political division shows us who is who and what is it going on.

This age, is called the age of Grace…. giving people time to decide who they will serve.

Proverbial lines are drawn in the sand… One World Government is coming… to usher in Satan being kicked out of heaven and coming to Earth and to lead the final Rebellion, against Christ, sometime during the tribulation period.

The one true God is a god of life Satan or Apollyon…. brought death into the world through the deception of Adam and Eve.

Satan, hates God and all those that love him… Satan is the author of death.

God saw our desperate situation, and provided his own Son…. (God in The flesh)… to be the propitiation for our sins and relieving and defeating death and restoring us to our ” never meant to die standing.”

Look and listen to people, it’s easy to see if they’re for God, or the devil.

God gave the gift of life, Satan tried to destroy it, God makes the rules not man, that’s our problem we want to be Gods…. the pride of life, not accepting that you are created and not the Creator.

So…. choose life or choose death.

This WORLD will never end… only the ages and dispensations of time…Heaven and Earth will pass away but God’s word never will.

Difficult task to ‘shrink it down’ but this is a beginning.

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