1600 Pennsylvania Ave… (Pink Floyd Melody)

When ya’ thought ya’… might like to go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, could you ever have imagined, the filthy swamp waiting for you…

Don’t be surprised at the absence of the respect for life… political agendas, Congressman and Senators wielding knives.

Korean/American prisoners across the ocean, brought them home at 3 a.m.… Mr. Pence and sweet Melania, Pompeo hugging, the MSM and shadow government posing for a mugging.

God kicked out of the schools providing progresive indoctrination… do we know the truth about the Kennedy assassination?… modern-day children lost, there should be an investigation…. I can’t board this Ship of Fools.

So ya’ thought ya’… might through a position of strength… bring North Korea and Iran into line… Dems just don’t get it, thinking the orange tornado has lost his mind.

Donald loves this country… Melania loves it too, reflecting the hearts of the average American, Let’s help him drain the swamp… Let’s help him tame the zoo.

All in all… better build a concrete wall.

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