Keep Your Trophy

I can’t live in a world of participation trophies, where it means nothing to win, or try to better yourself, or even be the best you can be.

We as people, are not a common flock of birds, all of a feather, holding our place in a formation.

Neither are we a field of common sheep, we are made in the image of God, we are creatures with ideas running deep, curious, about this giant beautiful rock, rotating and revolving in time and space.

$700 a month, a free college education ( somebody pays) or $15 an hour for everyone, will not cut it in the United States, and it doesn’t seem to work anywhere else.

The spirit killing and controlling agenda, of the hard-line Progressive left, is to give control to the elite, eliminate the middle class, and line us all up like sardines in a can.

History shows that suppression and oppression of the people, of the masses, kills a country, even a nation.

I don’t want your participation trophy, I might be better than you, you might be better than me, but we can never all be the same, if we were made to all be the same God is not true, and the world is a very boring place, with little purpose.

Receiving a participation trophy is like kissing your sister, it doesn’t mean much. It‘s a neutral kiss or should be, I mean it’s not like kissing your girlfriend or wife which means something. Doing the things of life should mean something. It shouldn’t be everybody gets the grade of a ‘C’ no matter how well you do, or do not perform. Pointless.

Finding out why God Made You, understanding that your life is a gift, and that you have gifts, and that you are to use them and develop them, to make a difference in the world, is what God intended, I believe anyway.

Whatever you are, give it your best, don’t let anyone try to control you for their purposes.

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