Isaac And Ishmael

Have you/ we/ the world, figured it out, put the ancient pieces together?

This is the most important piece of ancient history you will ever learn.

The ancient and current age’s on-going battle between good and evil, and to take it further, life and death, actually the spirit of life and the spirit of death/ is the subject.

Here we go, it’s a story of a promise from God, a story of a promise regarding faith and a story of disobedience.

Israel, through God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah, is the line of Isaac, the Covenant promise.(I will give you a son.)

Iran (Persia) through the disobedience of Abraham, at Sarah’s suggestion, is Abraham going into Hagar, his maidservant, producing Ishmael… the son of disobedience, was consequently cast out after the birth of Isaac. (The disobedience was on Abraham and Sarah’s part because they thought they had gotten too old to have a son, so they took it upon themselves through Abraham going into Hagar)… producing Ishmael… the patriarch of Iran. ( that’s why Iran is angry they want a blessing they’re not entitled to.)

God blessed both Nations, but the line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the seed of promise. The line of Ishmael, through God’s promise is not entitled to to Jerusalem.

This is why we have the modern-day current conflict situation.

The United States is caught up in the conflict. ( we have a history of supporting Israel but it has waned in recent history).

Harry Truman recognized Israel as a nation in 1948 isn’t it peculiar that we are 70 years removed now in 2018… as a modern day Cyrus through Donald Trump, America is recognizing Jerusalem as the capital (and rightfully so) of Israel.

HISTORY is being fulfilled.

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