White House Rose Garden

Will there be any pardons? Let’s talk it over in the Rose Garden, along with all this Trumplican winning, will have to expect some Congressional sinning.

When it comes to fake news, will have to forgive and forget, tell Jim Acosta, we don’t like thorns in our Rose Garden.

Obama promised us things, but to his ivy portrait he clings, He might just need a pardon, let’s talk it over in the Rose Garden.

We better think it over. Whoa, whoa, whoa…Miss Watson, I see you driving an old beat-up Datsun.

So let’s just enjoy this winning for a long long while, don’t you love the Orange Tornadoe’s smile, El- Cheeto seems to work 24/7, I’m sure they’re taking notes way up in heaven.

Thank You…Lynn Anderson for the melody from your wonderful song…’I beg your pardon, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden’.

So let’s break out a case of Diet Cokes, thumbs up all the while, I’ll meet you all in the Rose Garden.

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