Give, and it shall be given unto you

Proverbs: 11: 25-26.

The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself. The people will curse him, who withhold the grain, but blessings will be on the head of him who sells it.

What you would have your life to be, is the very thing you must give. If you take, but don’t give, you become empty.

What happens to those who keep nothing, but give everything back?

“They become white, further, they come light”

“The red flower is bathed in the light of all colors, it absorbs all colors except red. Red is the color of the one light, it doesn’t receive or absorb, so red is the color it reflects or gives back. Now what if a flower took in and kept all the colors of the light? What color would it be?” It would be dark, it would be a black flower.”

Those who seek to gain love from this world, but do not give love, are the Loveless.

Comments: One of my greatest sources of joy, if not the greatest, is hiding a gift behind my back and asking my son….” which hand is your gift in?” Then watching him jump up and down in his anticipation and happiness, as he chooses,and I reveal the gift to him.

I usually follow with this question to him….” what is the greatest gift that a person can receive?”

He knows the answer because I’ve said it to him a million times, which is, “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”

WHEN I get angry with him, after we’ve talked it out, I always tell him, ” I might get angry with you, but no matter what you do, I will always love you.

I think it makes him feel safe. He most always says, “Thank you dada.”

Theme adopted from J.Cahn, with my thoughts and comments.

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