Genesis/ Complimented By Apocalypse

Study With E.W. Bullinger

Genesis, Book of the beginning/ Apocolypse, Book Of The End.

Genesis, the earth created( 1.1)/ Apocalypse/ Revelation, the Earth passed away, (Rev:21.1)

Genesis, Satan’s first Rebellion/Apocalypse, Satan’s final Rebellion, Rev (20. 3 7-10)

Genesis, sun, moon,and stars for Earth’s government. (1.14-16) Apocalypse, sun, moon, and stars connected with the Earth’s judgement (Rev 6-13 Rev 8-12 & 16.8)

Genesis, sun to govern the day (1.16) Apocalypse, No need of the Sun (Rev 21.vs 23.

Genesis, Darkness called night (1 vs 5, Apocalypse, “No night there” (Revelation 22 vs 5).

Genesis, Waters called Seasons (1vs.10) Apocalypse, ” No more Sea” (Rev 21 vs1

Genesis, a river for Earth’s blessing (2 vs 10- 14) Apocalypse, a river for the new earth (Rev 22 vs1-2)

Genesis, Man in God’s image (1 vs 26) Apocalypse, Man headed by one in Satan’s image (Rev 13).

Genesis, entrance of sin ( chapter 3) Apocalypse, development and end of sin (Rev 21& 22).

Genesis, curse pronounced (3 vs 14, 17) Apocalypse, “No more curse” (Rev 22 vs 3).

19 more comparisons to come in the next lesson.

Revelation and apocalypse used interchangeably.

Comments: God’s word from beginning to end provides perfect order. My desire is to know more about God and to share it with others. All of this end time confusion is prophesied. I believe we must go to God’s word for the answers. Frank.

E.W. Bullinger, one of the greatest students and provider of wisdom on God’s word in human history.

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