Post Modernism in the World and America

What is post-modernism? The role of human reason, exalted to the point of putting faith second, OR putting faith away all together. Skeptical claims toward all attitudes, towards all claims of ABSOLUTE TRUTH. The rejection of any ‘ONE’ narrative, there are many stories and many narratives, making it near impossible to find the one true God. The elevation of the individual is obvious, what “I” feel, think,and believe reigns. People tend to believe in progressivism. Seems we are still building our towers of Babel, trying to reach up to God by our own means. We are quick to accept many narratives. That human beings through the exaltation of REASON can solve all problems. I believe this is an insult to God. The gift of reasoning is from God, but we don’t have it where it should be, second to Revelation knowledge. We need the wisdom of God, after all he is the Creator and we are the created. This world has it upside down basically. Progressivism in our current government form is suppression and oppression of the people, putting us all on the same level and in the same cage. Suppress and oppress, controlling your people, you lose your identity, lose your country. What is lost in our postmodern world, in society, is freedom. True freedom, the ability to express yourself without being condemned. Patrick Henry was right, ” Give me liberty or give me death.”

Seems we are caught up in the age-old problem, we don’t want to acknowledge STANDARDS, especially if they come from God.

We all can hear, feel, and see the madness of lawlessness. Then again, this age of lawlessness is prophesied, unfortunately it’s going to get worse.

We better find out what we really believe. God has been, and is long suffering and merciful. BUT the clock is ticking, this age of Grace will soon be ending. (Thank you ‘Bean’ for the photo.)

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