Genesis Complimented By Apocalypse/Revelation Part 2

Genesis: Death entered (3:19) Apocalypse: “No more death” (Rev 21: 4).

Genesis: Cherubim FIRST mentioned in connection with man (3:24). Apocalypse: Cherubim FINALLY mentioned in connection with man (REV 4: 6).

Genesis: Man driven out of Eden (Genesis 3:24) Apocalypse: Man restored (Revelation 22).

Genesis: Tree of Life guarded (Genesis 3:24). Apocalypse: “Right to the Tree of Life” (Rev 22:14)

Genesis: Sorrow and suffering enter (Genesis 3:17) Apocalypse: “No more sorrow” (Rev: 21:4)

Genesis: Man’s religion,art, and science, resorted to for enjoyment apart from God. (Genesis 4). Apocalypse: Man’s religion, luxury, art and science, in their full glory, judged and destroyed by God. (Rev 18).

Genesis: Nimrod, a great rebel and King, and hidden anti-god the founder of Babylon. (Genesis 10:8 and 9) Apocalypse: The Beast, the great rebel, a king,and manifested anti-god,the reviver of Babylon (Rev 13-18).

Genesis: A flood from God to destroy an evil generation. (Genesis 6-9). Apocalypse: A flood from Satan to destroy an elect generation (Revelation 12).

Genesis: The Bow ( rainbow) the token of God’s covenant with the Earth. (Genesis 9:13). Apocalypse: The Bow, betokening God’s remembrance of His covenant with the earth.( Rev:4 vs 3 and revelation 10:1).

Genesis: Sodom and Egypt, the place of corruption and temptation. (Genesis chapters 13, 19) Apocalypse: Sodom and Egypt again: ( spiritually representing Jerusalem (Revelation 11:8)

Comments: For those searching: Behold God’s perfect beginning and ending, ( and for the record, everything inbetween). Challenge: Show me another belief system that provides the line of history, like the Bible does. I’m all ears.

Thank You again to the great E.W. Bullinger.

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