No ORDER…Tribute To Zeps… No Quarter

Close the Congress, turn out the lights, Pelosi and Schuma’ have no sight, simple truth falls hard, everyone knows, the Orange Tornado steals the show.

Donald has a plan for the red white and blue, returning America to her foundation true

El Cheeto holds no quarter, he’s only holding out for order, he’s asking for order.

Close the border, build the wall, can’t go like Germany, our country will fall.

We all have dreams that won’t come true, choose secular progressivism, you’ll find we’re doomed.

Most on the left, want to give it all away, as slaves on plantations we cannot gain.

$700 a month, and a free education, will not change your situation, get out of the basement to a higher revelation.

The dogs of the New Order will never quit… get off your butt and give a s***.

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