Cutting through the hype and deception…

You have life, precious life that can only come from God, if you think you came out of some primordial ooze, perhaps have a look at the complexities, even if it’s only your human body. (I think you will arrive, if you don’t have a preconceived notion) at a more intellectual and heartfelt conclusion.)

Sometimes, I look at my life, I look at my days, I look at my family, and I realize they and me will all end someday, everything will go the ‘Way of the Earth’…

I am trying to understand why watching the movements of birds and squirrels, their tiny incremental movements, their hops, skips, and jumps, move me to the deeper appreciations of nature, God and life. As I look at these creatures I realize that the Book of Genesis is true. and that God made each one after its own kind.

I have arrived at the time in my life, where the the best choice for me, is to be calm and be still and put the hype and deception behind me, and realize the peace and presence of God.

It has come down to realizing that Flesh Blood and Bones is a choice between life and death… death was not supposed to be part of the equation, but through Satan and Adam and Eve it was brought to us POSITIONALLY.

THE CLARION CALL FOR ME and my heart… is to state why Jesus Christ is so important …. notice how you rarely hear anyone talk about this, because few know the real issues….Jesus…. willingly gave his life for HIS creation and for those that would accept him… it’s not universal… we have to make decisions, as it is not a religion but a relationship…. quite simply God is building a family for eternity, those that do not want to be part of the family have to live with their decisions….

God gave life, as a free gift and you have to get in touch with that… you are not entitled to anything else, you’ve already been given everything…a chance…

THERE ARE WARS COMING…WE ARE ALREADY IN THE BIRTH PANGS NOW…. if you think everything is going to work out okay, you are sadly mistaken…. the time may come and probably will when you will have to decide what you really believe…. Jesus Christ decided what he believed and provided life through believing in him… find yourself either being for him or against him, your eternity depends on it.

As for me, I want to go to eternity where there will be no more tears, no more lying, no more destruction and deception, and death, I want to put that all behind and go to the original intention of God…. if you want to know where God is, what he has done, look to Jesus dying a horrible death on the cross, when he didn’t have to, it was a choice out of love for his own creation,,, examine your heart… spend time in the word of God…. there are no scales to balance out…. you can’t earn it, it’s been done for you, a free gift…it’s all about the blood…. you’re either covered in it…. or you’re not… there’s no other criteria. I didn’t make the rules, but here they are. Get with the program or you are finished.

Let God be true and every man a liar. ( make sure you understand

what that means)…Frank Payton….

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