Consider this:

Presuppose, that God has always existed, ( some things are hard to understand, and must be accepted by faith, perhaps we will know once we cross over.) Then again it may be a secret held only by God, forever.

Exnihilo- Latin origin: ” the fashioning of life ex nihilo by God”.

Also presuppose: God is a holy Supernatural entity, and man in flesh and blood, cannot be in his presence generally speaking, somewhat remarkable and seemingly exceptions to the rule are, Paul’s Damascus Road experience, Moses and the burning bush, and others.

To the heart of this post, and what I find totally fascinating. In Genesis, in the creation chapters at the beginning, the scriptures teach that God ‘spoke’ the world into existence. EXNIHILO, “something out of nothing”. I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of God that I want to know about, and trust, and have a personal relationship with.

Note: I think that’s why the spoken word for human beings is so important, because it has power, because we are a reflection of God and made in His image. However it’s not as obvious and powerful as our wonderful Jehovah.

If we go to the other end of the spectrum, so to speak, to the life and sacrificial, substitutionary death of Jesus on the cross, we do not necessarily see the creative powers of God, but the compassion and love for his creation and people. It’s so powerful and hard to fathom to them that are perishishing, that God himself, calls it a ‘stumbling block’.

Have you ever heard of the phrase that, ” God chose us, or chose us first”?

I think part of the answer, at least in that he “chose” us, can be seen by his willingness to go to the cross, and be propitiation for our sins. He, who knew no sin, and was God In the flesh, further 100% man and 100% God, CHOSE to meet the requirements for righteousness ( right stranding) with God the Father.

Study the Temple worship, sacrifice, and practices of the Old Testament, it’s a great forerunner to understanding Christ’s death on the cross.

Some people look at the world, look at their own lives, look at the destruction, look at all the trouble we have, and have never studied the Bible from Genesis to revelation, yet they wonder why they don’t have any answers, and why they don’t trust anyone.

I look around, and I see God in everything, and in everyone, it only comes through having your heart of STONE (if an unbeliever) removed by a revelation from God’s Holy Spirit, and replaced with what is called a heart of Flesh’.

Whatever “God SAID”, it was, and is. This is the God for me.

Please don’t get tripped up by the word RELIGION, I think it means very little to God in the context of how we use it, ( any religion is just a set of rules, to obey or not obey)

The one true God is not about religion but about relationships. God is a family man.

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