Hearts Of Stone…

What? Do you think this life is hell? Do you wonder as well? What is the origin of pain? Do you ever walk in a cleansing rain? Feel the blood coursing through your veins? Does your heart race or skip a beat, when you’re stressed beyond measure, do you look at the bottom of your feet, for signs of wear and tear?

Oh, how I wish things were clear, ears that could really hear, eyes without scales, understand the meaning of Jonah, 3 days in the belly of the whale.

Hearts of stone replaced, with hearts of flesh, rising above this cultural mess, I’m not wrong, if you’re not right, poisoned politicians their agendas insight…

This age of decision, the spirit of division, chase us to choose light or night, it’s all about the ancient fight, good versus evil, can we get it right?

Getting harder and harder just to draw a pure breath, hard to be alive when not much is left…

Truth is an unwelcome commodity.. lies serve some better, time to separate good from the onslaught of evil… we will all have to survive the oncoming heavy weather.

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