Brain, in skull encasement, central nervous system skeletally enshrined, heart the supplier, oxygen inside, to all the bodily organs or life is denied.

Soul, the mind, will and emotions, gifts from God on high, tear ducts in our eyes, in fallen state we cry.

Spirit, made in God’s image eternal, we were not made to die, enter the subtle serpent challenging God with lies.

Eyes, the gift of sight, but scales deny true light, all seeing through a glass darkly, hard to get it right.

Hearing, so dull ‘ what did you say’, the meaning you intended, I couldn’t find your sway.

Hands that shuffle cards, one up your sleeve as politicians play, I caught your deception out of the corner of my eye, peripheral excellence, my way.

Voices of the silver tongue twisted, want us all to believe, once you know real money, you cannot be deceived.

One true God, manifested in flesh, willingly gave his life, out of love to give you rest.

Creator and sustainer of the universe, came into his own creation, the world received him not, so the conflict of our current situation.

God gave us free will, so what’s your infatuation, rise above yourself, or receive God’s retaliation.

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