Thought for the day

Might be easy might not be easy:

See if you can get your mind around this:

Our universe our lives are in a time space continuum.

God the Eternal creator lives outside of time and space No Limits.

Have you ever thought about God’s perspective on his time space creation?

I want you to think of photography specifically about the flash on a camera.

If God is an eternal being and I believe he is, how does he look at us IN TIME?

There are scripture references that kind of put this in perspective as I proceed, we appear as blades of grass…. the thought being that, our lives are over very quickly from an eternal perspective.

Consider this: I believe it is possible that from God’s perspective, our lives are the length of a camera flash going off, that could be two thirds of a second, a thousandth of a second, whatever you set the flash at.

Thus, we have comprehension or somewhat, at God’s claim that to him, a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day, in other words no beginning or end from his perspective.

I’m saying this to develop a further thought, there’s a belief system, and I believe it’s true, that the only thing God sees when you die is, spiritually speaking, whether you have the blood of Christ’s sacrificial atoning blood covering your life, or you don’t.

Judgment is not some rule of law court system weighing out the scales of how much good and bad you did in your life…. those things are important but secondary to whether or not you have the blood covering. This is going to be very strong for some, and rejected by many, but that’s predictable, as Christ himself was rejected by his own creation…..Frank.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, the truth is a hard thing to get to, but worth the journey. I believe we were put in this FLESH SUIT, Flesh Blood and Bones ‘as a test’,

or to put it another way, God wants to see what you do with your gift of life.

He gave us Free Will and he will honor it…. but be careful there are consequences.

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