Psalm 118:22, The stone which the builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone.

The Hebrew word for Cornerstone is ‘Rosh Pinah’. The Rosh Pina prophecy is read on Passover. At Jesus the Messiah’s death, He became the “Capstone”… the stone that brings completion.

On the cross, Messiah became the Capstone on a fallen world, the Capstone of the curse, the Capstone of the law, the Capstone of the old Covenant, the Capstone of every sin.( Day 232, The book of mysteries- Jonathan Cahn). ( paraphrased).

And as every stone leads and points to the Capstone, so everything led up to Messiah, into that moment, all the prophecies, all the shadows, all the guilt,and every longing for Redemption. (Pg-232).

And as every stone converges upon the Capstone, so upon Messiah everything converged, the burden of the world, the weight of all sin, the brunt of all evil, and the Judgment of God. The Capstone is a stone by which the work is finished, so it was then at the moment of his death, that he said ‘It is finished’.

How is Jesus both the Cornerstone and the Capstone?

Only after the old is ended, can there be a new beginning, after the Capstone event, his death, comes the Cornerstone event,the resurrection.

So let all that must be ended, find it’s ending in that Capstone… and you will find on its other side, the Cornerstone of new beginnings.

Whatever is incomplete in your life and must be completed, and whatever must be ended, finish it, cap it,with the power of the Capstone.

Comments: First thank you to Jonathan Cahn. The Human Condition,the human challenge, is to rise above oneself and accept by faith, what God has said, if we want to receive the real gifts, the true gifts. But we tend to rely on our own abilities which are quite insufficient, rooted in our fallen state.

Further, we have to look at this life as a testing ground…. I believe the footstool, to becoming an eternal being, back to our original state…. the age-old questions continue, who am I? where did I come from? and where am I going? why am I here on Earth?

Maybe life is not that deep for you, if so that’s fine, but if you require more…. the answers are provided, seek and you shall find. Frank.

In Jonathan Cahn’s ‘Book of Mysteries’, he gives permission to write about his works on blogs… which I believe is the true spirit of the Gospel, the heart of sharing.

Let’s not perish for ‘lack of knowledge’.

Read ‘Paradigm’…. for ancient history leading up to current people and events, in our government and elsewhere.

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