Song of Solomon 2:16 My beloved is mine, and I am his. He feeds his flock among the lilies.

Ani Lo means, “I am His”. Living an Ani Lo life means giving your all to God. It does not mean you are perfect, no one is. We struggle between living life in the spirit, and succumbing to the desires of our flesh.

Perhaps we should constantly be aiming at God, and trying to please him, realizing that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and understaends our condition.

Ani Lo, has a deeper meaning, “I am to him”, a good picture/ word image is what a bride would say to her groom. What a groom would say to his bride, maybe idealistic in this fallen world,but should be the goal and intent.

As the bride and groom without reservation, give their self to each other because they are full of love, we should give ourselves to God without reservation, because we are full of love for what He’s done for us. We need to overcome ourselves. It’s probably the biggest battle.

God gave us life, shouldn’t the ultimate gratitude for the gift of life be returning it to who gave it?

I recommend turning to and trusting God, He knows what’s best.

Again, pray to God to help you overcome yourself. This world of darkness, death and destruction will have an end, however it’s going to be a rough road getting there.


My above writing inspired by Jonathan Cahn.

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