Writing…Next Frame.

Where do peculiar words come from, what’s the poet’s name? The photography associated, how can he so frame?

He must pour himself into everything, later extracting what he has deeply seen, rabbits squirrels and chipmunks, his ears tune into birds as they sing… changing him forever.

Seeking for The Godly still, desiring calming peace, becoming a little like the rabbit, he finds his inner release.

He’s amazed by and loves the wind, especially as it’s soft turning over leaves, he compares it all to the discomfort of man, why does he have to deceive?

The animal-kingdom, instinct driven but moving, always touches his spirit soothing, the poet seeks the next frame of life, everything’s always before him, so words he’s always choosing…. just want to reveal….AWAITING THE NEXT FRAME…

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