Average Man Speaks…

B.O. Barry… Michelle’s legs maybe hairy, duping America twice, forerunner to Antichrist, there have been many in the past.

Left and right, Congress, Senate… non have hearts in it, so it seems.

Most of our leaders have trouble representing anyone but themselves, Schumer the shroomer, Pelosi who lost me a long time ago, Schiff who eyed me, Maxine Waters tried to incite me.

Political ploy, the gift of life is not a toy, illegal immigrants, need to build a wall, maybe Mexico will pay for it all, situation of separating children, mostly brought it on themselves, seems mothers and fathers didn’t really care for their health.

Progressives, continuing towards secular humanism, God not part of the plan, self-serving men and women, drawing lines in the sand.

SCOTUS… to promote US…Kennedy did more harm than good, LGBTQ ruling… what happened with Roe versus Wade?… in the womb life begins and lives are made.

Rozenstein, Wray…. got it all tucked away, nothing new to say…NWO on its way.

To be continued….

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