Digesting Socialism/Dems Platform…

As we continue digesting the radical Democratic left, the rising socialism; all of their seemingly wonderful plans, wrapped up in EMOTION and HATRED, we come to realize, that what the Dem party is all about, is their hatred of Trump, and their desire to be in power, irregardless of the will of the people, that was made evident in the 2016 election.

Further: Seems the Dems will stop at nothing. Inciting violence by some Congressional leaders and others; putting at risk the very freedoms of our country, not dealing soundly with the immigration issues ie: ABOLISH ICE.

Trump nailed it…Quote: We are soon going to live in a country that you’re going to be afraid to go out of your front door ( paraphrased) because of fear of what you might experience.

Bernie Sanders making claims socialism is on the rise and that his political agenda, WON. ( socialism may be on the rise but Bernie Sanders did not win).

All of this being perpetuated under the guise of LOVE… yeah, like I’m going to look to the Democratic party for LOVE.

Durbin, Pelosi, Schumer, Watson, Clintons, Barry….etc.

All of this subversion and indoctrination started many years ago in our school system…. kids do not know basic history, they have no respect for the founding fathers, ie: Jesse Waters recently on the street asking questions such as: ‘ Who won the American Civil War’?….. after several seconds of silence, the person being interviewed replied….RUSSIA…WHAT?

Looks like the big battle is on, ie: recently read an article from hard left Dem, “B.O. is still the REAL president”.

BARRY….. Might be the Deep State president but he’s not my president…. the battle rages and intensifies over personal agendas for power, those of us on the other side (the right)… must suit up in our Spiritual armor and stand.

Lastly, Dems say we must replace ice with something that reflects ‘OUR MORALITY’…. really?…. I didn’t know the Dems had any morality, whatever their view of it is….. it doesn’t represent me.

Some recently elected officials do not understand that socialism doesn’t work.

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