I know a town, swamp critters are running, so used to having things their way,couldn’t see the orange tornado coming.

They are only, can’t see the Red Wave foaming, real American people have spoken, see the Dems off groaning.

Stuffed suits with agendas, some say they’re robbing, I don’t know about you, but I eat at Chick-fil-A and shop at Hobby Lobby.

I can afford Starbucks coffee, but I’d rather make mine at home, now I’m uncomfortable at Walmart, it could be said, I’m done.

I’m more than an average American, you can’t bring me down, all of you dems are just a circus, runaway won’t you please, when the local carnival comes To town….

Go to a third world country…. socialism doesn’t work… not enough to go around… except for elitist jerks.

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