Important Upcoming Study…

Have you ever noticed how our government and the media operate pretty much only on a natural level?…. kind of like they are bottom dwellers… ignoring the food that is sitting on the surface of the water…lure shining and twisting in the sun

I am going to soon be addressing a most difficult subject…. it has long been tumbling around in my mind and my studies.

The subject will be: America’s role in biblical prophecy.

I will have to do it in increments, as it is very involved and open to interpretation, I will pray for the spirit of God to Lead me.

It is based on Revelation 13 verses 11 through 18…. as I began looking at it, I became overwhelmed and realized it would be very taxing on my body and spirit, yet I will do it because you’re not going to hear it in the mainstream media, and I think it needs to be brought to the forefront. I’ve come to the realization that we need to go to a higher level to a supernatural level.

So although I dread doing it because of the complexity, I will do it…. at the risk of sounding dogmatic and seemingly cornering the market, on prophecy and Revelation, ( which I assure you I haven’t)

So look for the 1st phase, coming soon….Frankly My Dear…@Frank Payton 13….

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