Mystery Of The Triangles.

Study with Jonathan Cahn.

On the night of the Passover, the Israelites marked their door posts with the blood of the Lamb, do you know how they did it?

They put the blood on the right beam,on the left beam,and on the top beam, forming a triangle, a triangle pointing towards heaven.

Man looking towards God from Earth.

Over a thousand years later, in the Passover of the Messiah, the blood appeared on the beams of the cross. And how many places did the blood appear? They appeared on the right hand of our Lord,and on His left hand,and at His feet. This time the Triangle was pointing down.

God looking towards Earth /Man From Heaven. Now what happens when you place the two triangles together? You get the Star of David, the sign of Israel.

A Star of David formed by the hand of God, across the span of Ages, the sign of Israel’s Redemption, joined to the sign of man’s Redemption, and together forming the sign of God’s ancient Nation, a sign that the mystery of Israel is the lamb, and the lamb has come, and that all who take refuge in his blood, will be set free.

Ref: Exodus 12 3-7 & 1 Corinthians 5:7.

Used by permission of J. CAHN…( He has the true Spirit of Christ in making people more knowledgeable about the word of God, and what’s truly going on in the world)… Thank you Jonathan Cahn.

Comments: God had a plan from the beginning, the Old Testament is loaded with the struggle between good and evil that was manifesting in the people that time.

The struggle is the same today, because it involves the same ancient struggle between Good and Evil, however it’s manifesting in us. Lucifer, Satan, the devil, the same snake who manifested in the Garden of Eden, is preparing for his last role as Antichrist, that’s why we have the push for the New World Order and Globalism.( Satan will eventually head it up). Also why Donald Trump is hated so much for trying to achieve a National identity. United States and Israel, two of the last bastions of hope in this world. Our choices about the one true God, determine our relationship to Him, he is either our Advocate or our Judge, He will not interrupt our free will, but there will be consequences for all of us.

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