To The Orange Tornado

Divine appointment, I’ve studied a thing or two, it’s oh so clear that God is with you.

You’re a modern day Cyrus, it’s easy to see, Barry sold us out, but you are a businessman from New York, the way you do the things you do.

We need someone just like you, New York strong and true, I might be a hillbilly close to Loudoun County, but I know a president who is true.

I don’t care about Schuma’…. Miss Pelosi or Miss Warren…. their rhetoric is self-serving, politically correct and boring.

They hate you so much, because you’re the ‘art of the deal’ they couldn’t hold the light for you to shine in… be they a woman or a weasel.

Go on with Mr Putin… I think he’s eating from your hand…. at least you’re not like Hillary…. never made a stand.

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