Hillary’s Song

Rolling Stones Rewrite (Donald Trump’s Theme Song).

I saw her today at the convention, a bottle of vodka in her hand, she can’t ever be the one elected, we can’t put the U.S. at her command.

I saw another woman standing beside her, a jar of war paint in her hand, Pocahontas can never be an Indian, cheekbones aren’t high enough, and her skin the color of white desert sand.

Some never ever get what they lust for, you can’t overpower God’s Mighty hand, but if you listen sometimes you might find, you’re just asked to leave….oh yeah….

I saw a strange figure in the forest, a woman, seance costume as she ran, I knew she was going to make her connection, Saul Alinsky spirit was standing in a circle, he reached out to take her hand.

Sometimes you can get what you pray for…. necromancy from the devil’s hand.

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