Absent from the body…Present with the Lord

Sometimes I just want out, leave this organic mold, Flesh Blood and Bone, who’s wrong, who’s right, constantly being bought and sold.

Sometimes I behold this universe’s treasures, sun up high in the sky, planet earth rotating and revolving, as the moon flies by so mystical and bold.

We all try to figure it out, usually end up scratching our heads, wondering how and why God spoke it all into existence–Ex Nihilo, something out of nothing as the story is told.

So, we head back to the garden, need a deep understanding of the TREES, one was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or death, one was the tree of life or Christ, the greatest was the cross, the tree of redemption.

What brings relief as I realize, I’m not a body with a spirit, I’m an eternal spirit in a body.

Soon, I’ll leave, or will be absent from this organic mold, I will return home to the maker, and wait for everyone and everything that will be my heaven….Let’s go when the appointed time comes.

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