Red Tide…

Foes on the other side, have you ever surfed out, to ride the red tide?

What does the trumpster have to do, to make you know the Democrats, see you as nothing but two-legged rats…

I’d really like a sit-down with you.

I may be standing, staring at a rainbow, if you’re wondering what we’re trying to do, I’d be glad to break it to you…

Trying to save the greatest country in the world.

Politicians and media, who’s right, who’s wrong?… none really care about you and me, most would push us over a cliff, dashing our heads, and laugh, while we bleed.

All to build a great life for themselves… as our bodies float out to sea.

We all have to choose, between right and wrong, life and death, God or Apollyon…

God’s given us each one try, don’t give it away to another, think about those you love, mother, father, sister, and brother…

If I could give you advice, try to be your guide, I’d tell you to give the RED TIDE… a ride.

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