Tornado in the sky…

Look mother, there’s an orange tornado in the sky, mother if I use my abstract mind, I can see the face of Donald Trump.

Mother, somehow my mind is thinking of a Brave New World, look how the clouds are swirling, orange dust everywhere.

Look at the tornado mother, seems as if it’s in a swamp, strange critters biting at his heels, like they’re trying to bring him down, deny him of his mission.

Look at the Hologram mother, they’re building a wall, seems to start at the Mexican border, why do the young children climbing the wall, have backpacks on their back?

That’s how they pay people off, dangerous drugs their pathway to America…. seems there’s a big demand here… I think the nest is in Hollywood… Hollywood has other problems… seemingly great actors that are hung up with abusing children…. let’s talk about it when you get a little bit older.

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