Stuff OF Life…

The stuff of life always arriving, upon my eyes and ears, voices from good and bad sources, sometimes it’s hard to steer.

Freedom of choice high-flying, choose life over death it’s clear, involves getting your fruit from the right tree, figuring out why you are here.

Your eternal spirit will live forever, all must decide, don’t fear , Paradise is a divided Gulf, Luke 16:19-31, so dear.

Comments: Through this scripture we can find peace, but we have to accept it as truth, God gives a clear example of what happens when we die, all will get a resurrection body, but you go to either side of the Gulf.. the one where the rich man is is in Paradise, but it’s kind of a holding place for judgement, Abraham’s bosom is obviously a place of comfort, recounting, the rich man was obviously concerned, about his still alive family and friends, I’ll leave the rest for you to read and hopefully find peace….God cannot lie…Pure Truth.

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