If They Only Had Some Brains..Wizard Of Oz…Redo…

If I could chat with Nancy Pelosi, I would tell her that she lost me, a long, long, time ago.

If I had a chat with Schumer, I’d warn him of the tumor… that’s growing in his head, his politics are dead.

Now, let’s move on to one Miss Waters, I feel sorry for her sons and daughters, the legacy she will leave… she jumps around like a lizard, a chicken looking for it’s gizzard… someone stuff her back in the pot.

Now just what about Miss Feinstein, she’s just a female Frank-en-stein, she’s been around far too long, someone tell her that it’s over, let’s take her out to a field of clovers… and tell her goodbye.

Last but not least there’s Hillary Clinton, her soul has been smitten, just put her butt in jail.

Almost forgot about old Jim Comey, his testimony is baloney, he’s out to make a buck, his book He’s a’ Sellin’…. while Peter Strozk, the lies he’s telling, but Miss Page will set it straight…maybe..

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