Still Editing…

Just a heads up, I will be releasing a book soon, decided on KDP… it will be an ebook downloadable to most devices… It’s My Life work…. the Title will be most likely–‘Trump, God, Being a Poet, And The Spiritual Nature Of Life’…. a 300 piece work… 95% my own photography… topics will include political satire… a sort of snapshot in time, since Donald Trump became president… Biblical and World religion studies.. ( my interest has always been why people believe what they believe… you can believe whatever you want, I just would like to ask you why you believe it) and my poetry/ lyrics…. I can remember seeking the seclusion of my grandparents home around 13 or 14 years of age, started writing down my thoughts…. everything just progressed, never really made a decision to write, it just was there… will keep you posted…. thanks for your future support.

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