The Conflict…

Let’s take a journey, an adventure into our lives here on Earth,a look into the one true God, that I believe gave life to us.

Our God, that is a spiritual entity, that can only vaguely be known, in fact by God’s own admission, claims to be unknowable.

As I look around at the physical universe, the intelligent design, the science, the wonder of the sun, the moon, and the stars. I dismiss the randomness, the chaos, and the misleading of a Big Bang Theory, or any other theory that does not include a powerful loving God.

Could it be, that YHWH, The Great I Am of scripture, is of a spiritual magnitude that includes love for his creation, love for his people, and has a very patient, merciful, and long-suffering nature.

God doesn’t need this universe to exist in, he is outside of it… he couldn’t exist in it, it’s way too limited… of course I’m aware that he did exist in it, to fulfill the Plan of Redemption for man, through his only begotten son Jesus.

We the people consist of a God given spirit, housed in a temporary Earth Suit, Flesh Blood and Bone, that is rather crude, compared to Angelic Beings, and the spirit world consisting of God’s Angels ( Messengers)… and the Fallen Angels under the guide of Satan, take a look at Revelation 12, which was the first Rebellion.

We are in the second Earth age, refer to 2nd Peter chapter 3… where Peter speaks of the three Earth ages, the third one, which will be the Millenium… is the thousand year reign of Christ.

Look at our politics, these disgraceful politicians, the cultural divide, the resistance, it’s plain to see that humans are either for God or against him… Ecclesiastes says there is ‘nothing new Under the Sun’…. this CONFLICT has been going on from the beginning, and in case you haven’t figured it out, it’s between Jesus and Satan… and we are the players on a big magnificent Shakespearean type play.

So the important question is where are we right now?… the left is on Satan’s side, through the Deep State, and the shadow government, wanting to usher in the New World Order, through Progressive/ Socialism/Communism, and then add in the Radical Jihadist Muslim, just to make it more interesting, and problematic, but understand it is all prophesied.

On the good side, we have the divinely appointed Donald Trump or Cyrus, trying to keep America great and save our National identity… but understand this, before the second coming of Christ, there’s going to be a great war…Russia, Iran and others will invade Israel, actually on horseback…. Armageddon in the valley of Megiddo… blood up to the horse’s bridle.

Christ will come either at the beginning, the middle, or the end, of what is known as the Tribulation period…Daniel’s 70th week… Satan and his army will be defeated ushering in the Millenium.

So as you live your life, and possibly wonder why you’re here, I’m always thinkng about it, remember that you are a player in a play, and since you are made in the image of God ( which means you have an eternal spirit)… whose side are you on? what are you going to do… the big one is here… if you are a Christian, gird up your loins because it’s going to get nasty, if not remember, your decisions will determine your Eternal dwelling… Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player.

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