Hadassah, Stars, And Myrtle.

STARWOMAN, A Myrtle grows under the heavens, a star exists in heaven, a star is certainly higher than a Myrtle.

A woman was once lifted from obscurity and set on a high place like a Myrtle, but she feared losing her High position.

Stars do what Myrtle’s cannot, they shine, Stars Burn and expend themselves, like a candle they give up their essence, in so doing they shine, Shining is an act of sacrifice, they must sacrifice themselves to shine, to become Stars.

The woman who was like a Myrtle”, She was called Hadassah, the Hebrew title for Myrtle, An orphan girl was lifted up to the throne of Persia, she was a Myrtle set on high places, but the day came, when she had to make a choice, hold on to her High position, or risk it all, even her life, to do what is right, to save her people.

She ended up choosing to do what was right saying: “If I perish, I perish”. And it is at that moment when she offers up her life, that her life becomes one of greatness.

She had become like a star, Hadassah had another name, she was called Esther, Esther means “A Star”, She was born for that moment, but it was only then, when she was willing to sacrifice her life, to do what was right, to save others, that her life became a light, and she became the star she was born and named to be.

‘ Live to keep your life and you will dwell in darkness’, but live to give your life, and your life will become one of greatness, a light that shines in the darkness… a star above the myrtles.

Let your life be a Heavenly light, live as a Living Sacrifice, a gift given for the purposes of God, and you will shine like the stars.

Esther: 2:7; 4:16…Daniel 12: 3… Matthew 10:39… Philippians 2:16.

Comments: The struggle for Christians, is a struggle between Walking In the Flesh, and the Spirit. I believe God has a special purpose and mission for all of us, it begins with overcoming and denying self, which is the most difficult thing to do. Pretty much all we know is our Flesh Blood and Bone experience, until we encounter God, and we realize there’s the spiritual side of things… the truth is once you become spiritually aware or are born again, the real battle and struggle begins.

I sincerely believe that the most comfortable and fulfilling life is out of this body, and into our Resurrection Eternal bodies… our struggle or deception, is that this life, because it’s all we know, and feels comfortable, is the best life… it’s a natural thought process… but simply not true… we see through a glass Darkly and hold on to what we know… once the silver cord parts… and we climb over what Tennyson called…THE BAR… we will finally have a greater understanding.

Inspiration from Jonathan Cahn.. excerpts from his great book: THE BOOK OF MYSTERIES…. he has granted permission to use his material through others, and blogs like mine..(littleraventhepoet.blog) my comments added for support through my life experience… all is in the spirit of Christ to learn, and pass on knowledge to others.

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