Hey, it’s just me, I’ve loved this country for a long long while, maybe I love it too much, but the Dems have me all wrong, so I took a minute to write this song

Maybe I’ve made some mistakes in the past, in a lot of ways I’m just a man, I’ve always had lots of money, I like beautiful women holding my hand.

But that was then, and this is now, I think I’ve had a change of heart, don’t know where to begin or start.

It’s important to me, I really never meant any harm, now they want to impeach, let’s not sell the farm.

Working for you America, and loving anything as much as I do you, I know I’ve done the best that I could, things that those who preceded me never would..

Think of me… as I think of you.

Hats off to Todd Rundgren… a wizard a true star..’Hello It’s Me’…

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