Witnessing to Rahim…

Most interesting day, I am semi-retired, I work part-time, or whenever I want to, for Uber and Lyft, to pick up some extra money.

So today, after a summer break with my son, which was a blessing, I went back to driving this morning.

I ventured down into the Warrenton Virginia area… some 40 to 50 miles from DC… just Southwest I think.

Wasn’t long I got my first ride, I picked up a man, who was going to the Woodbridge Virginia area, about an hours ride.

We began our ride, he was sitting in the passenger side back seat. We began talking, and I told him I was a writer, and that I had a Blog on WordPress, I further told him that the blog was connected to Twitter, and other social media.

His name is Rahim, told me that he was from Afghanistan and that he was a Muslim. He proceeded to ask me what I wrote about, I told him that I was basically a poet, and that I also wrote political satire, and biblical world religion studies. He told me that he was basically a manager of a group of people, that dealt with children/adults, that had mental disorders… how interesting I thought.

He immediately spoke up about the Biblical studies, and asked me…WHO IS GOD?… I glanced at him in the mirror, and began to tell him.

Paraphrasing, I told him that I had a traditional Christian based belief in the Bible… I mentioned that the God of the Bible, claimed to be the one true God.

Rahim… mentioned that he wasn’t really a devout practicing Muslim, that he was searching… and was troubled with all of the choices concerning religion, that were out there.

So, I proceeded to tell him why I believed in the god of the Bible and Christianity… he was very attentive, we had a very civil gentlemanly discourse.

Long story short, I went into the whole Adam and Eve thing, and how we weren’t meant to die, and how a curse was brought Upon Us by Satan, and how through disobedience, death entered what was supposed to be a deathless human race.

He went into the Koran and Muhammad, and differing opinions that Muslims had.

So… as this post is getting long, I will just sum up by saying, I believe the appointment today with Rahim was divine… at the end of our ride, he shook my hand, and told me what a pleasure it was to meet me, and that it was just what he needed, our conversation that is.. I recommended to him as he said he had a Bible… to begin reading the Gospel of John and it might help him with his search and questions… he said that he would.

As I let him out of the car at his home, he stood out front and waved at me until I was out of sight….

Note: I did have some fleeting lighthearted fears… especially after I told him I was a Christian, my doubts and fears were unwarranted, as he was, as I mentioned, a perfect gentleman, I have to assume that’s the way he is, as that is all I have to go by, anyway it was a wonderful experience. ‘Can we ever know what’s in a person’s heart’… I felt the presence of God in the car, and I just used discernment… some plant seed… some water the seed… and some participate in the Harvest.

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