No scripture is of private interpretation…

EZEKIEL 22 : 23-31.

The above prophecy originally for Israel, but I believe is evident in the United States today, so many similarities

Evident in the US, as it was in Israel,back in Ezekiel’s day… no distinction between Holy and Unholy, look around it’s everywhere, especially on the political left, and some on the political right.

DISHONEST GAIN: Elected officials, Congressman and Senators, work their way into office and then the perfect power, perfectly corrupts, instead of representing and working for the people that put them in office, they enrich themselves at the people’s expense…ie: M. Waters… many others.

Divining lies: lying seems to be the accepted Norm, defaming, defacing people and ideologies, that are different from one’s own, further trying to destroy them even to death, is acceptable to some in order to gain power…ie…The Clintons?

Similarities of the scripture, Daniel 22 verses 23 through 31 … as I said originally, given for the nation of Israel, are now manifesting in the United States, focus in on verse 30, God was looking for someone to ‘stand in the Gap and build a wall’… critical to Israel’s survival then, critical to the United States now… enter Donald Trump… need I say more?

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