Cool of the day..

I wish I knew, I’ve often wept, I want Sherlock’s clue, as to how Adam and Eve walked with you, in the cool of the day.

Longing for the innocence before the fall, to hear your voice calling, your desire to spend time with what you’ve created.

But we are on the Run, we have to hide, we ate from The Forbidden tree, in us Satan resides.

We would go back to the garden and make some better decisions, only to be with you.

Fig leaves to hide our shame, we were made in your image, now all we have is sinful rain.

Behold your sacrifice on the cross, as our lives are to and fro tossed, we can’t go back to the garden, our only chance at redemption, the Holy blood you lost, you’re setting aside of your deity, our only chance, seal our hearts and give us a glance, at the purity in your fiery eyes…

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