EL-ELYON… can’t deny me…

In the heat of the earthly battle, Holy prophecy calls, reminds, don’t deny me, I Am coming calm be still, the Alpha and the Omega, I am that I am.

Sparks will fly, men will die, your soul will rise to its eternal destiny, men draw swords and utter their fruitless words, they pale to El-Elyon.

In his cosmic mind, this poet roams, lighthouse pointing, as darkness pounds the shore, men say this, and proclaim that, their words but vanity and chatter.

So soon comes, the end of an age but it’s not over, find yourself a glorious eternity and pass over, walk in God’s fields of forever.

EL-ELYON,Masoretic God most high, God will not be denied, In the heat of the battle, prophecy comes…don’t deny me.

Realizing a hope in the man he formed, so transformed God, there was a time, I don’t remember, when I took my first breath…. arriving.

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