Ari’el Shou…

As my seed pierced the egg, in the womb, fearfully made, divine transforming.The hand of God shapes a boy named Ari’el Shou.

Fast forward to a joy-filled birth, mom and dad so consumed with love for the child, desire of the father’s heart fullfilled, 20 years of petitioning the Lord, now I behold the gift.

Now he’s ten, deep within me, his voice soothing, watch him sleep, soft and still, rapid eye dreaming. When he wakes, oh so quick, to tell his stories.

Because of him, I’m renewing, all my life reviewing, now I really know what it means to be willing to die for someone.

Adoring his eyes, his form, his worth, beside me sleeping.

First words out of his mouth, as he wakes, “Dada I had a dream”.

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