I Just Had The Weirdest Nuclear Dream…

I was driving down a country road, rural open field type of area, apparently I went unconscious; I woke up really dizzy, and I had no car, seemed to be a 70s model, it was a red convertible…. I caught up with my son somehow, and I took him to a motel, got him some food, and told him I had to go & try to find the car… he said he was going to watch cartoons, but I didn’t like leaving him.

The next part of the dream that I remember…( looking for the car) I found myself walking through a typical modern-day neighborhoods, but the people were acting really weird; I remember being in a couple’s house, they didn’t like me for some reason, and turned their dog loose on me, and he chased me, I thought he was going to bite me but he never did, and he ended up staying with me… but never return to the dream.

Then it got really weird, I was in a valley area between mountains, running with all these people; running from something, but I didn’t know what it was. I looked to my right ( we were running single file on a path) and all of these people that I perceived as enemies, were on sleds that were on fire, they were coming right at us and I was sure I would die, if they hit me…. the sled phenomenon happened twice in the dream.

As I was running, I saw an ICBM come up over the mountain top, I noticed the insignia it was American; what startled me was it was wobbling like it wasn’t functioning right. Then it dawned on me it was a retaliation missile, I looked to the other side, and saw a big tree completely glowing on fire, it was uprooted and Blown Away… one of the running people stopped and turned around and looked at me and said, ” you are one of the survivors, you will survive this”… It Flashed through my mind that God will protect his people, and maybe I would be okay… I was really consumed about my son being alone in a motel room, and we’re under nuclear attack… my mind could hardly handle it… I didn’t know if I would ever see him again… then I woke up… totally disoriented, I felt like I had been mauled… and then came the realization that it was only a dream…. but I felt like I was really there… I thought to myself what HELL that would be to go through…Frank…

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