Talkative’s Fine Discourse..

If a man doth Delight to talk of the history, or the mystery of things; or if a man doth love to talk of Miracles, wonders, or signs, where shall he find things recorded so delightful, and so sweetly penned, as in the Holy Scripture?

That’s true; but to be profited by such things in our talk, should be that which we design.

That is it that I said; for to talk of such things is most profitable; for by so doing, a man may get knowledge of many things; as of the vanity of Earthly things; and the benefit of things Above: ( thus in general) but more particularly; by this a man May learn the necessity of the new birth; the insufficiency of our works; the need of Christ’s righteousness. Besides, by this a man may learn what it is to repent, to believe, to pray, to suffer or the like: by this also a man may learn what are the great promises and consolations of the Gospel, to his own comfort.

Farther, by this a man may learn to refute false opinions, to vindicate the truth, and also to instruct the ignorant. Alas! The want of this is the cause that so few understand the need of faith, and the necessity of a work of Grace in their soul, in order to eternal life; but ignorantly live in the works of the Law, by which a man can by no means obtain the kingdom of heaven.

But, by your leave, Heavenly knowledge of these is the gift of God; no man attaineth to them by human industry, or only by the talk of them.

From the great John Bunyan, and his never gone out of print book: THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS.

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